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Tamiya T-72M Part 2

Time to paint her up! This is a little historical for me as the first time I've ever painted a soviet tank. Luckily for me, the paint schemes used by the PACT are very easy to do- just a layer... Continue Reading →


MENG Leopard 1A5 Part 3

Weathering a tank shows what a tank has gone through. The modeler must ask himself: Has it properly been taken care of at a tank depot? Has it seen combat? How long has the tank been out without a wash?... Continue Reading →

Tamiya T-72M1 Part 1

During the build for the Leopard 1 A5, research inspired me to create one of the possible adversaries Leopard would engage with, if the Cold War ever began. Of course, the perfect match was clear from the start- the T-72.... Continue Reading →

MENG Leopard 1A5 Part 2

The Leopard 1 A5 is a popular export version; there were many painting schemes available. I had at first intended to keep it the standard Olive Green mono-color camouflage, but I changed my mind after applying the initial primer coat.... Continue Reading →

MENG Leopard 1A5 Part 1

When I saw photographs of a Leopard 1 tank I knew I wanted it to be the first major build. The curves of the cast turret and the sleek angles of the hull...something about this tank is absolutely sexy!  Down... Continue Reading →


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