img_9279This is a website/blog I’ll be using to document and show off some models of tanks, planes, and the like! The focus will be mostly on 1/35th scale tanks but there are a variety of other models I’m planning to put up onto the site.

I was first exposed to scale modeling when I built myself a squad of Imperial Guardsmen at the age of 13, and since then I’ve been on and off with painting and building up models. More recently I found a good deal on some airbrush material and found myself getting lost once-more in the world of scale models.

I consider myself an intermediate modeler,¬†always towards getting better and better with every new model, big or small. I’ve a fair bit of experience using airbrushing techniques, wash techniques, and dry-brushing techniques. I’m also willing to accept a challenging model every now and then to test out what I know.

I will aim to post weekly, with build and painting/weathering updates, as well as a final review of each subject I decide to build. Every now and then, I might consider to offer some historical lessons on the subjects I am building, or will build soon.

Please enjoy your stay!